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In Kathmandu alone there is estimated a shocking number of more than 5000 street children. Every day we walk the streets we see children begging for food. Because of the extreme poverty and the 10 year civil war that ended a few years ago, many children lost their parents to war or abduction.

Our Mahima Children's Home was started with 5 street children from Thamel, but we have seen that the need is greater than that.

Now we also bring children to our Children Homes that;

- are truly oprhans and has no family or relatives to take care of them (these are our priority)

- have two parents, but child's life is in risk and danger.

- have one single parent whom is not able to take care of their children because of extremly difficult situations

All of our children have been admitted to the orphanage with recommendations from the local government in the district they are from. These offices include Village county, police report, district civil office and district child walfare office.The governmental office will verify their story and their need. They all have their own individual story to tell and challenge they have gone through before they came to one of our Children Homes. Some of them have worked, either to take care of their younger siblings or outside the home to help the financial situation in the home, instead of being able to go to school og just be a child.

We are trying to help these children the best we can by providing them with an education, and the basics they need to have a future and a normal life. Many of these children would never had the opportunity to attend school if they were not at an orphanage and others would need to work to help support their family or themselves.
Sudip spent most of his childhood living at an orphanage, so this work is very close to our heart.

Please read more about our Children Homes to the left and how you can help make a difference in a child's life.