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Reach the Unreached-Nepal (Run- Nepal) is a non government organization (NGO) and was started in 1999. This NGO is actively involved in humanitarian work. It is registered and recognized by the civil district office of Katmandu, District development office of Kathmandu, and also affiliated by the social welfare ministry of the government of Nepal. This NGO was established to do social works and work together with the government in different projects. The executive board consists of 9 members. The NGO runs orphanages, elderly home and scholarship programs. It organizes educational and literacy programs, medical clinics and provides relief funds during floodings and emergencies. Run-Nepal continues to provide people with self-supporting skills and programs to eradicate the poverty of Nepal. Presently NGO works with different people groups in different parts of the country of Nepal. 
The objectives and purpose of the NGO are as follows:
• To help street kids, orphans, poor and needy children by providing counseling, safety, education, food, shelter and establishing children homes.
• To support elderly by providing for their basic needs, helping them get off the street, giving medical help and a place to stay.
• To educate people trough formal and informal education and higher the literacy of the country, by establishing schools, education centers and through short term classes.
• To work with the health sector by organizing health seminars, workshops, clinics and establish hospitals.
• To help people of the rural and unreached places by supplying drinking water, constructing bridges, and help people with humanitarian needs according to their situation and circumstance.
• To help people with self- supporting programs to come out of poverty. These programs includes, but are not limited to, providing families with livestock, micro loans, help to start businesses etc. 


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