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Church Planting

We are currently supporting several churches and their pastors. Our goal is to make them self supportive and then release them, but many of them want to stay under our leadership and is still under our ministry but are able to function as an individual church with their own finances. Our work is not to financially support churches, but to plant new ones and see them grow and be able to support themselves, but we try to support them financially as long as we see the need for that. We also help them to build a permanent place for the church and our goal is to build 5 new church buildings each year.

Another way we plant churches is through supporting our graduates from our Bible College. Many of them go back to their villages and share the gospel and start small fellowships and churches around Nepal. A lot of these villages and tribes would not have been reached if it was not for some of these students. Our vision is to plant 10 new churches every year through supporting these students or in other ways. Even if we have not been able to reach our goal yet, this is what we are working towards.

Church planting is very exciting, but very hard work. Please keep these new churches in your prayers.